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Added: 02/07/11
Updated: 01/09/13
Article ID#: KIN0042

Time Stamp Starting And Ending Clean Times
Enhanced Housekeeping

In addition to changing the clean status of a guest room, the RDP Maid Phone Interface now allows users to stamp the starting and ending clean times in a room using the telephone in the guest room.  With this feature enabled, the RDPWin Enhanced Housekeeping Module will record the start and end times for a cleaning and the time at which the guest room was inspected.  This feature is important for managing the housekeeping staff.  The property must have purchased the following modules for this feature to be enabled:

  • Phone Actuator Interface
  • Maid Phone Interface
  • RDPWin Enhanced Housekeeping Module.

Follow these steps to enable the time stamp feature:

  1. Install the Phone Actuator and Maid Phone Interfaces.
  2. Install the RDPWin Housekeeping Module.
  3. Login to RDPWin.
  4. Go to the System main menu.
  5. Select Table Maintenance.
  6. Select table MD - Phone-Maid Telephone Interface Status.
  7. Enter the appropriate code for clean start time, clean end time, and inspection time in the Update Time Position field of the applicable subrecord.
    • Start Clean = 136
    • End Clean = 141
    • Inspection Time = 154

When start and end times are calculated for a clean, the RDPWin Enhanced Housekeeping Module records these times for historical review.

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