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Post Charges From POS System For Reservation Not Checked-In

Added: 08/30/06
Updated: 06/15/12
Article ID#: KIN0041

The RDP system has the ability to post to a guest by reservation number BEFORE they check-in.  Such as an early arrival that wants to charge things before their room is ready.  This feature is free on any Micros Interface and explained in detail below:
  • Automatically posts charges to the guest folio from a restaurant, bar, spa, golf course, gift shop, etc. 
  • Provides an inquire first capability, if the POS system supports this feature. For example, a clerk in the restaurant can first inquire to see who is in room 102, prior to posting a charge.
  • Optional Pre-check-in posting is available for all POS interfaces using the "Micros" standard. For example, a guest may arrive at the property at noon, but their room is not ready until 4:00pm. The guest can put a credit card on file and start charging items immediately, using their reservation number as verification.
  • Optional Post checkout posting is available for all POS interfaces using the "Micros" standard. For example, a guest may checkout at noon but still use the facilities for the rest of the day and charge items, which are then paid for by the credit card on file.

Perform the following steps to implement this feature:

  1. Add the subrecord "EARLY" to the PS table. In RDPWin, go to the System menu --> Table Maintenance --> select the PS Point-of-Sale Control Table --> click Display.
  2. Click the Add Subrecord button.
  3. In the Subrecord field, enter "EARLY".  In the Special Data field, enter the alphabetic character for which to use. For example, use  the letter "R" to designate that the posting will go to a reservation, so any number entered into the POS system following "R" is a reservation number and not a room number.
  4. For guests who checkout, their is the ability to designate how many days beyond checkout this reservation may be posted to.  For example, a reservation is checked-out of a room but may still have transactions posted to the folio for 30 days beyond the departure date.  To allow this feature, add numeric characters to the "EARLY" subrecord of the PS table after the letter added to the subrecord in step #3.  Please see example below:

    PS Table

The post check-out option is commonly used for group leader billing purposes.

When the guest goes to charge an item to their account, the employee asks the guest for their reservation number.  The employee types in R+ the reservation number to inquire on the guest information.  Once the guest's information is confirmed, the posting message is sent and is posted to the guest folio.

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