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Created 4/17/2006 - File:  KIN0039

Installing File Transfer POS Interface (RDP742)

RDP can post to reservations from certain POS systems via a file transfer interface.  This article describes the steps to install such an interface.  It is necessary for the customer to own the Point-of-Sale Interface module before installing this interface.  Additionally, the file format must be reviewed and approved before installation.  Please check with your sales representative for additional information.

How it works:

The Point of Sale system will drop a file in a designated folder, accessible by the RDP user.  The file will have an extension “.REQ”.  The RDP742 program will check the designated folder for any .REQ files.  When the program sees one, it will process the file and (1) respond to the inquiry or (2) post the charge to the requested reservation.  The RDP program will respond to the POS via files will an extension “.ANS”. 

Steps to Installation:

  1. Download and install RDP742.UPD:
  • This will create two tables:
    • PF - Post from File Parameters (RDP742)
    • PQ - POS Category to Transaction Code Conversion (RDP742)
      **Note: Only configure the PQ table if the customer needs to implement the advanced category features of this interface.  These advanced features breakdown the costs beyond the total price. Talk to Brad Roberts if these features need to be implemented.
  1. And add a menu item in table XD (18-Point of Sale Interface) for RDP742


  1. Set the path for the file transfer in record PF742A.  It is essential that the user have access to the necessary folder. 
  2. Set the revenue center to transaction code for the postings in PQ.  Leading zeros should not be necessary.  If the customer uses only the basic features of this interface, configure the PR table to convert the retail outlets and transaction codes.

Running the Interface:

  1. Open RDPDOS
  2. Login
  3. Menu 18 – Point of Sale Interface
  4. Menu 742 - Post from File Interface
  5. Option 1 – Process


Verify that the file path set in the Point of Sale system matches that set in record PF742A.

Verify that the revenue centers being sent by the Point of Sale system match those set in the PQ table.  While leading zeros should not be necessary, as they often are in RDP720 and RDP721, it is possible that they may be required.

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