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Using Avaya as an Interface Vendor

Avaya is a provider of  telecommunication solutions, phone switches and voice mail systems to several RDP customers. Avaya was formerly known as Lucent and AT&T. 

Some RDP customers experience problems with the Avaya interface. This article provides background information on these issues and a possible resolution.

The piece of hardware on the Avaya end that RDP is connected to is called a data module. The newer data module, the 8400B, has bugs and causes intermittent communication problems between the Avaya system and RDP. Customers that use the older data module, the 7400A, do not encounter these problems.

Avaya engineers have acknowledged that problems exist with the newer data module and have stated that using the older 7400A should remedy the problem.  If Avaya (or the customer's Avaya dealer) cannot provide a 7400A data module, refurbished units can be found at These refurbished units have provided a satisfactory solution for RDP customers in the past.

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