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Printing To A Shared Printer Through PBAdmin

Added 08/01/02 - Article ID#:  KIN0020
  1. Using Notepad, open the file "ADMLIST.TXT" found in the RDP\PB\DB directory.
  2. Find the text which lists the printer ports, i.e., LPT1, LPT2, etc.
  3. Insert a line between LPT1 and LPT2.
  4. In newly created space, enter the location of the shared printer. i.e. \\servername\printername.
  5. Save admlist.txt.
  6. Login to PBAdmin.
  7. Go to Administrator Setup | Location Information | Printer Information | Printer Destination, and select the printer path from the drop down arrow.
  8. Save.
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