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Article ID# Date All Interfaces
KIN0053 11/16/10 Verifying Serial Port - Hyperterminal Test
KIN0052 10/14/10 UPDs and Supported Interfaces
Article ID# Date RDP Actuator
KIN0049 01/28/10 RDP Actuator Installation
Article ID# Date Key Card Interface
KIN0054 12/22/10 Install Ving Card Interface
KIN0050 05/10/10 Install Kaba Gateway II Key Card Interface
KIN0048 01/22/10 RDP Keycard - Version 2
Article ID# Date Credit Card Interface
KIN0069 09/14/12 Balancing VRP Credit Card Interface to VRP
KIN0068 09/13/12 VRP Credit Card Interface Changes
KIN0067 07/27/12 VRP Displays Last 4 Digits of Credit Card as Letters
KIN0066 05/18/12 Credit Card Receipts Do Not Print from RDPWin
KIN0065 04/27/12 Support Credit Card Swipes and Printers, Reader Specs
KIN0064 01/24/12 VRP Credit Card Processing Errors
KIN0060 08/23/11 Credit Card Receipt Printing with Terminal Services or Citrix Connection
KIN0047 08/26/08 SDC 0003 Communications Error
KIN0045 06/02/08  Error Received When Starting Call Accounting or Phone Actuator After Replacement
  03/14/08 Batch Credit Cards in PBAdmin
KIN0044 03/27/07 Installing and Configuring the Nomadix Internet Billing Interface
KIN0043 01/23/07 NTVDM Error Opening Comport
KIN0042 06/07/06 Time Stamp Starting And Ending Clean Times Enhanced Housekeeping
KIN0041 08/30/06 Post Charges From POS System For Reservation Not Checked-In
KIN0040 05/09/06 Error 0018 Unknown Processor
KIN0038 10/11/04 -18 Invalid Data in Field #0109
KIN0036 06/07/04 Adding a shared credit card receipt printer
KIN0033 10/03/02 Programming the magnetic strip on a cherry keyboard
KIN0032 09/05/02 PBAdmin Setup Errors
KIN0020 08/01/02 PBAdmin - Printing to a shared printer
  09/15/09 CPS - Custom Payment Service  This document replaced with Protobase/PCI Compliance - Upgrades Required.
KIN0003 03/13/00 Error when depositing transactions - "Settlement in Progress"
KIN0004 06/23/00 Depositing transactions from a remote workstation with PBADMIN and the Southern DataComm Credit Card interface
KIN0002 01/17/00 Error when depositing transactions - "File too Large for Default Viewer"
Article ID# Date GDS Interface Program
KIN0070 09/18/12 InnLink URL Change - As of 9/29/12
KIN0062 10/12/11 PackLate 2-Way GDS Interface Installation Instructions
KIN0061 08/25/11 Close Out Room Type on 2-Way GDS
KIN0058 06/02/11 2-Way GDS Configuration and Training
KIN0057 05/20/11 2-Way GDS Interface Troubleshooting
KIN0056 04/06/11 GDS Operations Guide
KWin0161 04/04/11 GDS Reservations Not Being Input in RDPWin - RDPWin Monitor Not Running
KIN0055 03/23/11 GDS Interface Introduction
KIN0051 08/25/11 Controlling Inventory on the GDS
Article ID# Date Phone Interface Program - RDP736
KIN0063 12/08/11 Phone Actuator Displays Wrong Date - Locks Up
KIN0043 01/23/07 NTVDM Error Opening Comport
KIN0042 09/01/06 Time Stamp Starting And Ending Clean Times - Enhanced Housekeeping
KIN0037 06/25/04 Using Avaya as an Interface Vendor
KIN0035 10/09/02 Call Accounting Message Types
KIN0034 10/09/02 Stat 54 File 95 - Cannot start phone actuator interface
KIN0071 12/30/14 Perform Data Swap with a Mitel System
Article ID# Date Point of Sale Interface Program - RDP720, 721 & 722
KIN0059 08/01/11 COM Port Error 64 on Point of Sale Interface
KIN0041 08/30/06 Post Charges From POS System For Reservation Not Checked-In
Article ID# Date  Nomadix Internet Billing Interface - RDP720
KIN0044 03/27/07 Installing And Configuring The Nomadix Internet Billing Interface
Article ID# Date Point of Sale Interface Program - RDP742
KIN0039 04/17/06 Installing File Transfer POS Interface (RDP742)
Article ID# Date RDP Door Lock Interface Program
II00047 10/18/05 Door Lock Installation Instructions
Article ID# Date Custom Programming
KIN0005 04/17/01 Error 54 opening a COM port on interface workstations running Windows 2000/ME
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