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Article ID: KINet0059
Added:  10/13/14
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IRMCMS/App.HTML page does not display

Receiving 403 errors trying to display:




This is triggered due to the naming of the Sencha version folder (4.2.1) being used in the url to access
the files mentioned above.



You have to use F12 in Chrome and be under the Network tab to see the errors; otherwise you get a
blank screen.

  1. Check IIS Logfile for mention of Sencha being blocked by URLScan
  2. Locate the urlscan.ini file in the %WINDIR%\System32\Inetsrv\URLscan folder
  3. Find the following line:
    AllowDotInPath=0 ; If 1, allow dots that are not file
    ; extensions. The default is 0. Note that
    ; setting this property to 1 will make checks
    ; based on extensions unreliable and is
    ; therefore not recommended other than for
    ; testing.
  4. Change the 0 to a 1 - save and restart IIS


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