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Article ID: KINet0056
Added:  03/28/13
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IE 10 and IRM.Net - Image Buttons Do Not Respond to Clicks

IE 10 has issues with Microsoft .Net 3.5 applications that causes image buttons to not respond to clicks. IRM.Net 3.0 is a .Net 3.5 application, so it experiences this problem. Microsoft suggested a workaround which has the application run in IE 9 mode, which RDP has done in IRM.Net version

Microsoft .Net 4.0 (including the latest hot fixes) does not have this issue with IE 10. IRM.Net is a .Net 4.0 application and can be viewed in IE 10 and can remain in IE 10 mode.


Solution - IRM.Net 3.0 Customers

  1. Update to IRM.Net
  2. Update the IRM server with all the latest Windows updates. Note: Not being up to date can cause the .Net Framework to not identify IE 10.  Also see Microsoft KB article 2600100 for a possible hotfix.
  3. IRM.Net pages have been manually edited, they will not be replaced by the IRM.Net update. Therefore, the fix for IE 10 will NOT be installed. Remove all IRM.Net Aspx pages prior to updating to so all pages are updated.
  4. If IRM.Net is contained in an iFrame HTML tag, a change must be made to the page containing the iFrame HTML tag in order to support IE 10. Because the SSL lock does not show in the browser when the IRM.Net is contained in an iFrame HTML tag, RDP recommends against the use of an iFrame HTML tag. For customers currently using an iFrame HTML tag the options for supporting IE 10 are:
    • Discontinue using the iFrame HTML tag and navigate to the IRM.Net or display it in a new tab or window.
    • Update to IRM.Net version 3.1.
    • Add the following meta tag to the <head> section of the page containing the iFrame HTML tag:
      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9"/>


Solution - IRM.Net 3.1 Customers

  1. IRM.Net or higher support IE 10 using the image buttons. If the IRM.Net is version 3.1, update to IRM.Net or higher.
  2. An alternative to image buttons is to use CSS button, which IRM.Net supports. CSS buttons are light weight with no images to load, and have no IE 10 issues.
  3. Update the IRM.Net server with all the latest Windows update. The fix for IE 10 and image buttons was released as a hot fix to .Net 4.0.


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