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Invalid Directory Error Saving IRM.Net Configuration Changes

Article ID#: KINet0050
Added: 5/9/12


Saving changes to the IRM.Net Configuration produces 'Invalid Directory' error in RDPWin. 

This issue is caused by an old record in the WinConfig file that is no longer used by the system. This typically occurs on a data migration to a new server prior to version The path to the old data sever is stored in the WinConfig file, and therefore the system does not recognize that directory on a new server when saving changes to the file.


Delete the DefOwnerBodyReportOwnerInfo record from the WinConfig.

  1. In RDPWin, go to the System menu --> File Utilities --> WinConfig Info.

  2. Locate the DefOwnerBodyReportOwnerInfo record.

  3. Right click on the DefOwnerBodyReportOwnerInfo record and choose Delete Selected Row.

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