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Minimum Stay on IRM.Net

Article ID#: KINet0046
Added: 08/30/11 - MC/TC


The IRM.Net has several minimum stay restrictions that it will enforce. The minimum stay restrictions are as follows:

  1. IRM Minimum Nights specified on the Reservations Tab in the IRM.Net menu --> Configuration.

  2. Minimum Stay for IRM by room type located in the Room Type Configuration or C2 Table. To access the Room Type Configuration, go to the Masters menu --> Rooms --> Room, or the C2 Table from the System menu --> Table Maintenance.

  3. Minimum Stay for IRM on the  specified room master. To access the Room Master screen, go to the Masters menu --> Rooms --> Change --> select the room number. 

  4. Minimum Stay on the specified rate plan. To access the minimum stay field on the rate plan, go to the System menu --> Rates --> Rate Plans --> Change --> select the rate plan.

  5. Minimum Stay in the Reservations menu --> Configuration --> Configure Minimum Stay. To configure minimum stay by room type, change Switch 415-11 to Yes. If Switch 416-10 is set to Yes, additional minimum stays can be configured for the Overbooking Threshold.

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