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Change Rounded Boxes to Square Boxes on IRM.Net

Article ID#: KINet0045
Added: 08/15/11 - MC/TC


The boxes on the IRM.Net can be changed from rounded to square edges by modifying the RoundedBoxes.css stylesheet.

  1. Determine the theme being used by the IRM.Net. In RDPWin, go to IRM.Net main menu --> Configuration --> Appearance tab --> note the name in the Theme (Reservations) and Theme (Owners) fields. 

  2. Browse to C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\IRMNet\App_Themes folder. Open the theme folder being used by the IRM.Net. See step 1 for determining the theme.

  3. Right click on the RoundedBoxes.css file --> select Open With Notepad.

  4. Locate the appropriate class for the box to change. The tables below outline the class and IRM.Net page location.

    Reservation Pages
    Rounded Box
    Class Name
    Page Location
    RoundedBox1 Res/ResMain.aspx Search criteria panel
    RoundedBox2 Res/ResMain.aspx Available rooms list
    RoundedBox3 Res/ResEntry.aspx Login & Reservation summary panels
    RoundedBox4 Res/ResEntry.aspx Guest information entry sections (name/address, email/credit card)
    RoundedBoxGuestComments Res/ResEntry.aspx Guest information entry of comment drop-downs, if configured to use them
    RoundedBox5 Res/Confirm.aspx Reservation confirmation information (after reservation is made)
    RoundedBox6 Res/RoomDetailsPages.aspx Page only used if navigate directly to room detail for a specific room

    Owner Pages
    Rounded Box
    Class Name
    Page Location
    LoginBox1 Owner/OwnerLogon.aspx Owner number/password box and Forgot password box
    NewsletterBox1 Owner/OwnerNewsletter.aspx Box around newsletter choices
    OwnerDetailBox1 Owner/OwnerDetail.aspx Name/address, etc information on owner detail
    OwnerDetailBox2 Owner/OwnerDetail.aspx Recurring charges information on owner detail
    MakeResBox1 Owner/OwnerRes.aspx Dates/people selections on make reservation
    MakeResBox2 Owner/OwnerRes.aspx Name/address information on make reservation
    AddWorkOrderBox1 Owner/OwnerAddWorkOrder.aspx Box around work order information
    StatementsBox1 owner/OwnerStatement.aspx Box around statement choices
    PaymentBox1 Owner/OwnerPayment.aspx Permanent information
    ConfirmationBox1 Owner/OwnerConfirm.aspx confirmation information

  5. Replace each url and the remaining information in that line with a background color code for style class.

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