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Change Width of Available Rooms List on ResMain Page on IRM.Net

Article ID#: KINet0044
Added: 05/12/11 - MC/TC


The width of the available rooms list on ResMain.aspx can be changed by making stylesheet modifications.

Note: Changing the width requires IRM.Net version 2.087 or later.

  1. Use an existing custom theme or create a custom theme folder on the IRM.Net server under C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\IRMNet\App_Themes.

  2. If creating a new custom theme folder, copy stylesheets, and the images folder from an existing theme into the custom theme folder. 

  3. Configure IRM.Net to use the custom theme.

    • In RDPWin, go to the IRM.Net main menu --> Configuration --> Appearance Tab.

    • Select the custom theme from the Theme (Reservations) and Theme (Owners) drop down fields.
      WARNING: Do not modify the RDP provided stylesheets. They will be replaced with each IRM.Net update.

  4. In the custom theme folder, allow write access to: RoundedBoxes.css, ResStyles.css, by right clicking each file --> Properties --> Security Tab --> check the Allow box under Full Control for all each users listed.

  5. Open RoundedBoxes.css in Notepad and make the following changes:   

     .RoundedBox2 {
    : 500px;
    background: #1a4093;}

  6. Open ResStyles.css in Notepad and change the AvailList style to the same width as used in step 5. Change the RatesTable and RoomDetails style to slightly smaller, for example:            

    .AvailList {
    : 500px;
    text-align: center;

    .RatesTable {
    width: 480px;

    .RoomDetails {
    width: 480px;
    height: auto;
    overflow: auto;

  7. Open in Notepad and change the RoomList skinID to the same width as used in 5,  for example:

    <igmisc:WebAsyncRefreshPanel SkinID="RoomList" runat="server" width="500px" />

  8. If the width is set to less than 500px,  change the number of calendar months to be displayed to 3 months.  (The default of 4 months will be too wide to fit.) To change the number of months to display, go to RDPWin --> IRM.Net main menu --> Configuration --> Appearance Tab --> Number of Calendar Months to Display field.

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