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Added 12/15/2010
Article ID:  KINet0039

IRM.Net Owner 'Processing Credit Card' Message Stalls
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Issue: When owners process credit card on the IRM.Net, the payment completes successfully but the 'Processing Credit Card' message remains on the screen. The owner does not see a confirmation that the payment was successful.

The issue is caused by the balance due field on the IRM.Net Owners page.

Solution: This solution is available for IRM.Net or higher.

  1. In RDPWin, go to the System main menu --> Table Maintenance --> W0 - IRM Settings Table.
  2. Click Add Subrecord.
  3. In the Subrecord field enter WOODS
  4. In the Data field enter TRUE.
  5. This subrecord hides the balance due field in the top left corner on the IRM.Net Owners page.


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