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Added 03/05/10 KC/SS
Article ID#: KINet0027

IRM.Net Version 3 ~ Rooms Calendar
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The rooms calendar page is a way to start the reservation process by viewing the available rooms in a grid.  This view allows the user to see availability of all the units for the dates requested as well as a few days before and after those dates.  The option to use the rooms calendar page is available to all customers.  A link directing the guest to this page is all that is needed.  An example of the link is .  To customize the layout of the rooms calendar page there are configuration options in the Rooms Calendar tab of IRM.Net Configuration.


  • "Allow Flexible Dates Search"  - When you have flexible dates turned on you can pick how many days before and after you would like to display availability. If you choose to not allow flexible dates it will no longer be an option in the search box.
  • Width Boxes - Allow you to define the column sizes to the customers needs.
  • "Show Preferences Columns" - When unchecked the guest preferences to the right of the calendar are removed.  The advanced search option still works, the columns are just hidden.
  • "Show Max People Column" - When unchecked the max people allowed per room column is hidden.
  • "Display Only" - The display only column works with the rooms calendar page by hiding the checked preferences from the advanced search.  The guest preference is still visible in the rooms grid, just not an option to use when filtering rooms.

Room Detail Descriptions & Photos

Each room number can be linked to an .htm page that the customer can put together any way they like. They can use it to display photos, room details, or anything else they feel is appropriate. The file just has to be named xxxxDescLong.htm and placed in the C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\IRMNet\Custom\DataServer\RDP01\ UserHTML folder.  Alternatively, a link to the custom file can also be placed in the URL field on the room master without a naming requirement. The detail page can reside on the IRM web server, for example http://localhost/IRMNet/RoomDetail/DetailPage1.htm.  It can also point to a web page on their marketing website.  When a user clicks on the link a popup window is displayed with the custom .htm file or webpage.

How to Change a Custom Theme
for Rooms Calendar Page

  1. Copy RoomsCal.css from an RDP theme to custom theme folder
  2. Edit - copy the 2 lines with the comment 'Rooms Calendar page' above them from RDP into custom  Change the button paths in these lines to the custom theme folder.

<asp:ImageButton SkinID="ibtnReserveSmall" runat="server" ImageURL = "/IRMNet/App_Themes/DefaultBlue/Images/Buttons/ReserveSmall.jpg"/>
<asp:ImageButton SkinID="ibtnApplyChanges" runat="server" ImageURL = "/IRMNet/App_Themes/DefaultBlue/Images/Buttons/ApplyChanges.jpg"/>

  1. Edit 1CommonStyles.css - copy the lines following the comment '/* New for IRMNet 3 */' from RDP theme to custom 1CommonStyles.css
  2. Copy ReserveSmall.jpg and ApplyChanges.jpg from an RDP theme Images/Buttons folder into the custom theme Images/Buttons folder or create custom button images
  3. To change the colors of the rooms calendar grid the styles are in RoomsCal.css: igg_Header, infoLeft, infoCenter, availCell, unavailCell, and hiliteCell.
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