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 Promotional Codes and IRM.Net Analytics

Added: 03/04/10 KC/SS
Article ID#: KINet0026

RDP has released the IRM Analytics & Campaign Management module, a powerful add on to the Internet Reservation Module (required), which includes the following capabilities:

  • Track all website activity (hits) to IRM.Net
  • Create and track marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Promotion codes automatically sent from online advertising
  • Track Google pay-per-click advertising by ad

This article describes how to configure and manage promotional codes after the IRM Analytics & Campaign Management module  has been purchased and installed.  For module pricing please contact RDP sales.

Promotional Rates Enhancements

IRM.Net includes the ability to define promotional rate codes by specifying a promo code and associated rate plan. When a guest enters a non-disabled promo code into the IRM.Net, rates are calculated per the associated rate plan.

Promotion Code Configuration

The IRM.Net Analytics Module enhancements to the promotional rate feature includes the ability to configure a Source of Business (SOB) and/or Market Code to be used on reservations made with each promo code. In addition, start and end dates can be configured for the promotion, as well as a promotion description to be displayed to the guest when the promo rate is in use.

Field Example Description
Promo Code 123456 Promotion Code to be entered by guest
Rate Plan Code 10DC Associated rate plan. Rates will be calculated using this rate plan.
Disable No If disabled, promo code will no longer be accepted
Source of Business Internet Promotion Source of Business associated with this promo code
Market Code Internet Market Code associated with this promo code
Start Date 1/1/2010 Promotion available beginning this date
End Date 2/1/2010 Promotion ends this date
Promotion Description Winter Special Promotion Description to be used as the rate plan label in IRM.Net

Start and End Dates

  • When neither start/end dates are specified, the promo code is accepted provided it has not been disabled.
  • When both start and end dates are specified, the entire stay must be within the start/end dates in order for the promo code to be accepted.
  • When only a start date is specified, the arrival date must be on or after the start date for the promo code to be accepted.
  • When only an end date is specified, the departure date must be on or before the end date for the promo code to be accepted.

Passing in Promo Code, Source of Business and/or Market Code

IRM.Net Analytics also allows the ability to pass in any or all of these parameters on a link to the IRM.Net. This link can be from the marketing web site or elsewhere. The values are passed in as query parameters to the IRMNet URL.

Parameter Name
Example Description
Promocode resmain.aspx?promocode=123456 Specify promotion code to be used in calculating rates
Source resmain.aspx?source=12 Specify source of business code to be used on reservation. Pass in SubRecord value from CD table
Marketcode resmain.aspx?marketcode=11 Specify market code to be used on reservation. Pass in SubRecord value from CF table

If a source of business and/or market code is passed in AND the guest enters a promo code which is configured with a source of business/market code - the value(s) from the promo code configuration will be used.

Source of Business and Market Code Defaults

When a source of business (SOB)/market code is not indicated by the chosen promo code or passed in as a query parameter, the settings configured on the IRM.Net/Configuration Reservations tab are used.

When configured to hide the "How did you find us?" question, the SOB for new guests is the 'New Guest Default SOB' setting.

When configured to show the "How did you find us?" question, the source of business for new guests will be that chosen in the drop-down by the guest.

In either case the SOB of existing guests is configured for the "Existing Guest Default SOB" setting. The market code for new guests are taken from the "New Guest/Market Code" setting.

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