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Added: 7/23/09 TC/SS
Updated: 12/12/12
Article ID#: KINet0020

IE 7 and IRM.Net Owners w/in an iframe
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Update 12/12/12: RDP no longer recommends placing the IRM.Net in an iframe. The reason for not using an iframe is that the browser SSL lock icon will not display when IRM.Net is in an iframe (unless the marketing website also has an SSL). This has the potential for lost bookings because guests cannot see that your site is secure. Also, with the iframe, it very difficult to avoid the double scroll bars, which can be confusing and hard to maneuver. 

Instead, a custom theme should be used to style the IRM.Net to complement or mirror the marketing website. Use the customizable Bannerheader.htm and Bannerfooter.htm files to add images and link back to the marketing site, or use the same links as the marketing site's banner and/or footer. Code the marketing site link to the IRM.Net to open in new tab or just navigate through to it. For details on creating a custom theme, see IRM.Net Custom Themes.


This issue can occur for users of IRM.Net 2.092.13 with the new owners menu implemented to support Safari and Chrome.  If IRM.Net for Owners is within an iframe and the parent domain or subdomain is different than the IRM server domain or subdomain, then JavaScript 'Access denied' errors are encountered when browsed with IE 7. The end result is that the owners menu navigation does not work correctly, just staying on the home page rather than proceeding to the requested page.

The cause of this issue is that IE 7's default value for the security preference 'Navigate sub-frames across different domains' is Disabled.  IE 6 and IE 8 both default this setting to Enabled, allowing access between parent and iframe URLs of differing domains.  IE 8 used in Compatibility Mode will also encounter this problem as it is emulating IE 7 when compatibility view is enabled.


If the marketing site and IRM server are of differing subdomains (for example and then adding a bit of JavaScript to both sides, the marketing site page containing the iframe and IRMNet within the iframe , will work around the problem.  The JavaScript below does not display any text, but indicates that the parent window and iframe are of the same domain.

Add this JavaScript line in three places:

    <script type=”text/javascript”> document.domain="";</script> 

(for example, <script type="text/javascript">document.domain="";</script>)

  1.  Between the <head></head> tags on the marketing site page that hosts the iframe
  2.  in the IRMNet customizable file OwnerPageTitle.htm
  3. In the IRMNet customizable file BannerHeader.htm

The IRMNet customizable files are found in c:/inetpub/wwwroot/irmnet/Custom/<servername>/rdpXX/UserText on the IRM server.

If the marketing site and IRM server are of differing domains (for example and then access to the IRM.Net owners pages must be via a hyperlink, either to a new tab/window or a straight link, whichever is preferred.

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