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Promotional Codes

Added 6/24/09 TC/SS
Article ID#: KINet0019

Prior to IRM.Net 2.092.7, promotional codes were only supported when a single rate plan was configured for the IRM as a means of offering an alternate discounted rate. Promotion codes are now available with all IRM.Net rate plan configurations.

When Use Promotional Codes on the IRM checkbox is checked, the 'Promo Code' textbox is visible within the IRM.Net search criteria panel. 'Promo Code' is the default field name and can be customized by modifying the file /IRMNet/Custom.../UserText/PromoCodeLabel.htm. When a valid promo code is entered, the associated rate plan is quoted if it is available for the dates requested.

Multiple promo codes can be configured, which can all use the same rate plan or can be associated with separate rate plans. The start and end dates on the rate plan will be respected, which can be used to control the time period for which a promo code is available. If a promo code rate is requested for dates outside of those on the rate plan, a message indicating that the rate is not available is displayed. This message can be customized if desired. (See KINet0018)

When a promotion is not longer being offered, either delete it or check the disabled box. The choice effects the message that will be displayed if a guest enters this promo code. In the case of a missing promo code, the message will be 'Not a valid code'. If the promo code is disabled, the message will be 'Rate no longer available.'

Promotion codes can also be passed in from the marketing web site via the query parameter 'PromoCode', for example: http://myserver/irmnet/res/resmain.aspx?arrival=mm/dd/yy&departure=mm/dd/yy&promocode=123456

For complete details on setting up promo codes on the IRM.Net, see Configure Promotional Codes.

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