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Added: 6/18/09 TC/SS
Updated: 03/30/12
Article ID#: KINet0018

Customizable Files Not Visible
from "See File Names" of IRM.Net Monitor
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Most of the IRM.Net customizable file names are visible from the Monitor page using the 'See File Name' links.  However, there are some customizable files that are only applicable under specific conditions and do not normally appear.

Customizable Error Text

IRM.Net has the ability to show customizable error text under certain circumstances.  When the customizable error file exists, the default message is ignored and the customized message displayed in its place. 

Note:  Error messages appear best when kept concise.

  1. No rooms are available for the dates and search criteria requested.
    • Default Message: No Rooms Available for selected dates.
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/NoRoomsAvailable.htm
  2. The room is not available for the selected dates when searching availability on one room.
    • Default Message: The room is not available for the selected dates.
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/RoomNotAvailable.htm
  3. No applicable rates are found when the rates button is clicked for a room
    • Default Message: No rates are available for the selected dates.
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/RatesNotAvailable.htm
  4. The requested dates do not meet configured minimum stay restrictions for room type 'ALL'
    • Default Message: Minimum stay is X nights.
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/BlockReasons/minntserror.htm
  5. The text that displays next to each room if the rate has minimum nights or start/end date
    • Default Message: varies depending on why the rate is not available. Example: Minimum nights allowed for rate is 3, or Rate cannot be used after mm/dd/yy.
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/RateNotAvailable.txt
  6. Selected dates are configured as blocked in the W1 table and a file name is specified in the Block_Help_File field
    • Default Message: No Arrivals from mm/dd/yy to mm/dd/yy
      Customizable File: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/BlockReasons/< Block_Help_File>.htm
  7. Promotion code is entered which uses a rate plan that is not yet available, or no longer available (per start/end dates on the rate plan)
    • Default Message: Rate can only be used starting mm/dd/yy. or Rate cannot be used after mm/dd/yy.
      Customizable File: /IRMnet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/BlockReasons/<PromoCode>.htm

Customizable Tooltips

IRM.Net has the ability to show customizable tooltips for certain labels. Tooltips display when the mouse is hovered over a word or label. These tooltips are visible from the ResMain.aspx, RoomsCalendar.aspx, and RoomDetailsPage.aspx pages.

Note:  Tooltips appear best when kept concise.


  • Tooltip: Arrival label
    File Name: ArrivalLong.txt
    File Location: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText folder
  • Tooltip: Departure label
    File Name: DepartureLong.txt
    File Location: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText folder

Rate Plan Descriptions

When Enable Rate Description Links is checked on the IRMNet/Configuration Appearance tab, then rate plan labels on the IRMNet reservations pages become hyperlinks (version 2) or tooltips (version 3) for display of rate plan details and conditions.  Rate plan description files are retrieved from the folder: /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/RatePlans. The description file name should be the rate plan code (from the Z0 table) with a .htm extension (version 2) or .txt extension (version 3).

IRM.Net version 3 will display the rate plan details as tooltips when the rate link is hovered over.  For version 3, the rate plan details files should contain plain text (no html tags), can be created/modified with notepad and must be saved with the .txt extension.

For example, the description file for the IRML rate plan would be /IRMNet/Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText/RatePlans/IRML.htm. If this file is not found, then the default description file RateDetails.htm (in the same folder) is displayed if it exists.

Some rate plan names may contain non-alphanumeric characters, some of which may be illegal in a file name or URL. In this case, then the non-letter or digit characters are replaced by their ASCII decimal code. For example, if a rate plan code is 10%D, then the corresponding rate plan description file is 1037D.htm or 1037D.txt (37 is the decimal ASCII code for %).  See ASCII to find an ASCII character map.

Rate Plan Specific Cancellation Policy Text

Rate Plans can have cancellation policy text display on the IRM.Net that is specific to the rate. For example, a holiday rate may have a different cancellation policy than the standard rate, and may require more advance notice in order to cancel. Creating a htm file to notify the guests of this can be created on the IRM.Net server. These files should reside in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\IRMNet\Custom/<RDP Data Server>/RDP<xx>/UserText\RatePlans\XXXX_CancellationPolicy.htm replacing the XXXX with the 4-character rate plan.  The "Agree to Cancellation Policies" checkbox must enabled from the Reservation Tab in the IRM.Net Configuration for this feature to be active.

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