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Added 4/16/09 SS/BC
Article ID#: KINet0014

Include SSL Security Seal Icon on IRM.Net Pages
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When an SSL certificate is installed on the IRM server, the IRM.Net pages including private information are accessed using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. However, when the IRM.Net is displayed in an iframe within a non-secured page (which is usually the case when integrating with a marketing website), the lock icon that is normally displayed by the browser when accessing a secure site is not visible because the containing page is not secure.

It is not possible for IRM.Net to change this behavior. Instead, a security seal from the SSL vendor can be displayed showing visitors that the site is secured by SSL technology. When a visitor clicks on the security seal, a link to the SSL vendor is displayed showing full business authentication information. See more information regarding Verisign's Secured Seal.  Other SSL vendors provide a similar capability.

If it exists, IRM.Net pages include the file /IRMNet/Custom/<dataserver>/RDPnn/UserText SecuredSeal.htm. Create this file and modify it to include the security seal code to be obtained from the SSL vendor.

The SSL security seal can be displayed within the IRM.Net pages whether or not the is included in an iframe (provided that an SSL certificate has been purchased and installed). It is a highly recommended practice if the the IRM is included within an iframe as this will be the visitors confirmation that the site is secured by SSL.

(The place holder for SecuredSeal.htm is included in the pages as of IRM.Net version 2.091.20. Prior to that, the security seal can be included in BannerFooter.htm.)

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