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IRM.Net Performance Affected by Antivirus
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Added 4/9/09 SS/TC
Article ID#: KINet0011


The service W3WP.EXE was causing 100% CPU usage per request on the IRM.  McAfee has introduced 'Buffer Overflow Protection' into VirusScan Enterprise v8.0i, which if set to 'Protection Mode' seems to interfere with w3wp.exe and throw the processors to 100%


If the Buffer Overflow Protection is disabled in McAfee antivirus, performance is greatly enhanced.  So, if you're running VS Enterprise v8.0i and start seeing strange 100% CPU usage, check that "Buffer Overflow Protection" is disabled or set to "Warning Mode" which might also solve the problem.

See IRM.Net Troubleshooting for additional IRM.Net issues.

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