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Display an Animated "Loading" .GIF
While ResMain.aspx is Loading in the iFrame
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Added 12/01/08 SS/TC

Article ID#: KINet0008

Customers may wish to display an animated image while IRM.Net is loading in the iFrame, so the user can see that something is loading and wait patiently.  The sample below was created using a free "loading" animated gif generator from called "Circle Thickbox" with a transparent background and a foreground color to match the demo color scheme.

The loading graphic is displayed from the marketing site page that loads into an iframe.  The following is an example of modifications needed to an HTML page to show a "loading" animated gif:

  1. Add a <DIV> tag just below the <BODY> statement with an image sourced to the animated .GIF.  For example,

    <BODY onLoad="init()">
    <DIV id="loading" style="position:absolute; width:100%; text-align:center; top:300px">
    <img src = " /" </DIV>

  2. In the <HEAD> section, add an init function which stops the display of the .GIF.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function init()
    { document.getElementById('loading').style.display='none';}

  3. Call the init function from BODY onload (see example code in Step 1).
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