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Article ID: KINet0006
Added:      09/05/08 TC
Updated:   12/28/012
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Customizing IRM.Net

IRM.Net Customization Topics
Please click on the topics below for information on how to customize IRM.Net
Color Schemes How to specify which color scheme is to be used by
Customizable Text How to customize text areas on the pages
More Customizable Files Customize Files Not Visible from  IRM.Net Monitor "See File Names"
Passing In Search Criteria How to pass search criteria from the marketing website into
Rate Plan Descriptions How to display rate plan descriptions
Room Descriptions How to display short and long descriptions of rooms
Room Detail Images How to include room detail photos with long descriptions
Room Detail Images - Click to Enlarge Set up room detail images to enable click to enlarge feature
Room Detail Images - Picture Carousel How to set up a picture carousel in order to scroll through the room images
Room Thumbnail Images How to display photos of rooms in available rooms list
Room Details Width Adjust width of RoomDetailsPage.aspx page
Available Rooms Width Adjust width of Available Rooms List
Custom Themes Information on how to create a custom theme
Buttons How to change the button images used by the theme
Rounded Boxes How to create the colored rounded boxes on the IRM.Net pages
Style Details Detailed information on styles that can be changed to effect items on the IRM.Net pages
Style Names Cross reference of style names and in which stylesheet  they are found
Configuration Configuration of features from RDPWin
Best Practices Appearance, Performance, and others

The IRM.Net is configurable and customizable to a great degree. This documentation is designed to be used by web programmers to configure the IRM.Net. The documentation will be self explanatory to a web programmer. Programmer support is not provided for integrating the IRM.Net. If you are not a web programmer, or you have not hired a web programmer and you would like to customize the IRM.Net, please contact Blizzard Internet, our preferred provider for IRM.Net configuration.

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