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Article ID: KINet0001    Added 2/29/08
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The IRM.Net is configurable and customizable to a great degree. The documentation contained below is designed to be used by web programmers to configure the IRM.Net. The documentation will be self explanatory to a web programmer. Programmer support is not provided for integrating the IRM.Net. If you are not a web programmer, or you have not hired a web programmer and you would like to customize the IRM.Net, please contact Blizzard Internet Marketing, our preferred provider for IRM.Net configuration.


Using Themes in IRM.Net

The IRM.Net uses themes (a combination of a skin and a style sheet) to change the colors, font face, font size on all pages.  Themes can be complicated to the average web user and should be maintained by a qualified web designer familiar with themes in order to match the IRM.Net pages with unique marketing sites. 

  • Skins:  An element of a graphical user interface that can be changed to alter the look of the interface without affecting its functionality.  Skins are often used to change the look and feel of a Web browser, altering the appearance and/or location of buttons, providing background images or borders that did not originally come with the browser, changing the colors and/or other graphic elements, or even changing the shape of the browser window.  In some skins, the color and graphical images associated with the software / pages can be changed. In other cases, the entire user interface can be changed.

  • Themes: Group of files (CSS, Skins, Images) that define the look-and-feel of Web Pages.  Themes can get very complex and a working knowledge of HTML and web design is essential. It is best to have the web designer of your marketing site help with themes. RDP Support cannot help with the mechanics of theme changes.

Themes Available
for IRM.Net for Reservations

Set the default theme for the IRM.Net for Reservations using RDPWin by selecting Configuration from the IRM.Net main menu.  Click on the Appearance tab and use the Theme (Reservations) drop-down to select from the list.


Themes Available
for IRM.Net for Owners

Set the default theme for the IRM.Net for Owners using RDPWin by selecting Configuration from the IRM.Net main menu.  Click on the Appearance tab and use the Themes (Owners) drop-down to select from the list.

Owner Default
The default theme for IRM.Net (Owners) uses the style sheet and skin located in c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\IRMNet\App_Themes\OwnerDefault folder.

Click More on Themes for many more theme details.


Use RDPWin's IRM configure which themes are to be used by IRM.Net for Reservations and Owners, follow the steps outlined below.  Only Owner Default should be selected for IRM.Net for Owners.  Either Res Default or Res Default Large Fonts can be selected for IRM.Net for Reservations.

  1. In RDPWin, navigate to IRM.Net Configuration - Misc tab.  Set the Theme (Reservations) and Theme (Owners) to the desired theme available from the drop-down.
  2. View all the IRM.Net pages to confirm the themes are appropriately displayed.

Creating New IRM.Net Themes

To create your own theme, create a new folder under App_Themes, and copy the skin and stylesheet from ResDefault or OwnerDefault (as applicable).  Make sure the files have write access, and then update as needed. Any new folders created are not replaced by IRM.Net updates. Do not change the default theme files shipped by RDP. You can create additional style sheets in your custom theme folder.  All style sheets in the folder are included.
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