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IRM.Net Topics Browsers / Linking General Information SSL Certificates
Configuration RM.Net Credit Card Processing Troubleshooting / Errors
Customization / Themes/ Styling IRM Mobile  

IRM Mobile
KINet0057 08/21/13 Mobile Suite Install/Configuration
KINet0059 10/13/14 IRMCMS/App.HTML page does not display
Browsers / Linking
KINet0056 03/29/13 IE 10 and IRM.Net - Images Buttons Do Not Respond to Clicks
KINet0024 09/03/09 IRM.Net and Internet Browsers
KINet0020 07/23/09 IE 7 and IRM.Net Owners w/in an iframe
KINet0009 12/01/08 Enable HTTP Compression for IRM.Net
KINet0004 06/09/08 Passing Search Criteria into IRM.Net from the Marketing Web Site
KINet0054 08/23/12 Survey Module Requirements and Installation Instructions for a 2003 Server
KINet0053 08/22/12 Survey Module Requirements and Installation Instructions for a 2008 Server
KINet0029 05/16/12 IRM.Net Installation Instructions for 2008 Server
KINet0052 05/16/12 IRM.Net Installation Instructions for 2003 Server
KINet0034 09/30/10 Enable Rate Description Links on IRM.Net
KINet0046 08/25/11 Minimum Stay on IRM.Net
KINet0027 03/05/10 Rooms Calendar Configuration
KINet0026 03/04/10 Promotional Codes and IRM.Net Analytics
KINet0023 08/26/09 IRM.Net for Owners Configuration Tabs
KINet0019 06/24/09 Promotional Codes and IRM.Net
KINet0007 09/18/08 Set up Rate Sets and Rate Plan Patterns
RDPWin 02/29/08 Configuration using RDPWin
Customization / Themes / Styling
KINet0055 10/11/12 Customize Cancellation Policy Text
KINet0051 06/13/12 Display Image in Bannerheader.htm File on IRM.Net
KINet0049 04/04/12 Most Commonly Changed IRM.Net Styles
KINet0045 08/15/11 Change Rounded Boxes to Square Boxes on the IRM.Net
KINet0044 05/12/11 Change Width of Available Rooms List on ResMain Page
KINet0043 05/11/11 Change Width of RoomDetails Page
KINet0018 06/18/09 Customizable Files Not Visible from IRM.Net Monitor "See File Names"
KINet0012 04/09/09 Display Details in a Popup Window
KINet0003 02/29/08 Custom Themes for the IRM.Net
KINet0006 09/05/08 Customize IRM.Net: Color Schemes, Text, Room Lists, Pictures & Descriptions
KINet0005 05/04/09 Customizable IRM.Net Text
General Information
RDPAPI 03/24/10 Using RDP API (Web Services) in conjunction with IRM.Net
KINet0028 10/19/10 Integrate Google Analytics with IRM.Net
KINet0014 04/16/09 Include SSL Security Seal Icon on IRM.Net Pages
KINet0013 04/09/09 IRM.Net Best Practices
KINet0011 04/09/09 IRM.Net Performance Affected by Antivirus
KINet0008 12/01/08 Display a Loading Animated .GIF while ResMain.aspx is Loading in the iFrame
RDPWin 09/28/08 Alternate Data Servers
IRM.Net Credit Card Processing
KINet0042 04/22/11 Process: Exception: No Such Host is Known - Processing Credit Cards on IRM.Net
KINet0039 12/15/10 IRM.Net Owner 'Credit Card Processing' Message Stalls
SSL Certificate
IRM_0100 11/12/12 Installation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on IRM.Net or IRM Server
KINet0014 04/16/09 Include SSL Security Seal Icon on IRM.Net Pages
Troubleshooting / Errors
RDPWin 02/21/12 IRM.Net Troubleshooting
KINet0050 05/09/12 Invalid Directory Error Saving IRM.Net Configuration Changes
KINet0048 01/06/12 IRM.Net Installation Rolls Back and Does Not Install
KINet0041 02/02/11 IRM.Net Slow Retrieving Data
KINet0038 12/09/10 Current Identity NT Authority\Network Service Error on IRM.Net
KINet0037 11/03/10 Unable to Change IRM.Net from Maintenance Mode
KINet0035 10/25/10 IRM.Net Could Not Load File or Assembly 'GdPicture.Net.barcode.1d.writer'
KINet0133 06/30/10 Rate Plan Description Link - Tool Tip Does Not Display
KINet0132 06/18/10 IRM.Net Install Stops: Error:  Installation Rolling Back
KINet0031 06/15/10 RDPWin Monitor Service on Local Computer Started and Then Stopped
KINet0021 07/23/09 Available Rooms List on resmain.aspx Displays Below Search Criteria
KINet0017 06/15/09 Parser Error: Unknown server tag 'ig:webdatamenu'
KINet0016 06/15/09 Parser Error: Unknown server tag 'igmisc:WebAsyncRefreshPanel'
KINet0015 05/15/09 Parser Error: The server tag 'igtxt:WebMaskEdit' is ambiguous on IRM.Net Pages
KINet0010 12/11/08 Maximum Pervasive Connection Pools Reached

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