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Backup IRM Server Regularly

Added: 2/22/11
Article ID: KI0050


Even though reservations are stored on the data server, you MUST back up the IRM server (or at least c:\inetpub\wwwroot\irm or c:\inetpub\wwwroot\irmnet) to save your pictures, HTML files, etc.  You might lose weeks, months, or even years of work.  It is absolutely essential to back up the IRM. It is recommended that a backup be made of c:\inetpub folder.

NEVER uninstall and then reinstall the IRM from a live site.  That would delete all the HTML files.  If you must uninstall/reinstall, make a copy of the IRM folder someplace FIRST so you can copy back files.

Note:  Use the "Repair" option of the IRM install without problems.  Repair does not "overwrite" the files.  It is the UNINSTALL step that deletes all the HTML files (i.e., every file that was copied to the IRM server by the "install" is deleted by the "uninstall"!).

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