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IRM Version Does Not Show - IRM is a Folder, Not a Virtual Application

Added: 5/18/04 - Article ID: KI0048 - IRM Version 2.225 or higher

When the IRM is installed originally it is a "virtual application".    In April, 2004, RDP switched to a new version of the Install Shield program to create the IRM install files.  This new version removes the virtual application the first time an update is run.  The IRM must be made into a "virtual application" again using the steps in this document.  This procedure should only have to be performed after the first update using the new IRM Install shield.  Subsequent updates will keep the IRM as a virtual directory.

After a new update is installed, the IRM may display the following screen.  

Follow the steps below to correct this problem:

  1. Open IIS by clicking Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services.
  2. Expand the computer name (i.e., irm).
  3. Expand Web Sites.
  4. Expand Default Web Site.
  5. Right-click on the IRM folder and click Properties.
  6. When IRM is a folder, the Application Name will be grayed out, and the button to the right of the text will say Create.  An example is shown below.

  7. Click the Create button, and the Application Name will change to IRM.
  8. Verify the settings to make sure that Execute Permissions is set to Scripts and Executables and Application Protection is set to Low.
  9. On the Directory Security Tab, make sure that all boxes in the Authenticated Access section are unchecked, Anonymous Access is set to IUSR, and the password is correct.
  10. Click OK when finished.
  11. Restart IIS by right-clicking on the computer name, choosing Restart IIS, and clicking OK.
  12. Rerun the latest IRM install, and select Repair.  You must re-run this or it will not work.
  13. Start the IRM. Make sure that the correct "version number" now shows under the RDP logo.  (the version number would not show at all before fixing this problem)
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