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Credit Card Authorization Failure now creates a Cancelled Reservation for Auditing

Added: 2/20/04 - Article ID: KI0047 - IRM Version 213

Warning:  Any update to the IRM Version 213 or higher requires a simultaneous update to RDPDOS Version 309 or higher.  

Credit Card Authorization Overview

The IRM can be configured to require a credit card deposit using the Protobase interface.  The process is as follows:

  1. The IRM guest enters their name, address, and credit card information and selects "process credit card".

  2. A reservation number is required by Protobase in order to authorize a credit card.  The IRM files a "pending" reservation, which is of reservation type "P0" (if pre-assigned room) or "I0" (if inventory).  The next available reservation number is assigned to this pending reservation, for example #336.

  3. If Protobase authorizes the credit card without any problems, the IRM converts the pending reservation from a "P0" type to "P2" if pre-assigned, or from an "I0" to "I2" if inventory.  These "P2" or "I2" reservations are now "real" reservations with a valid credit card deposit.

  4. If Protobase cannot authorize the credit card for any reason (such as a bad credit card number, not enough credit, Protobase is down, etc), the IRM provides the guest with the opportunity to "retry" with the same credit card or another credit card number.  

  5. If the guest elects to "not retry", or simply closes their browser, there is a "P0" or "I0" pending reservation.  The IRM converts these to canceled status (P9 or I9).  The reason for cancellation in the reservation will be one from the table below.  Note:  Prior to 2/20/2004, the IRM would completely delete this reservation, leaving no trace. Now the reservation appears in the reservation file as "canceled by IRM because the guest credit card did not authorize".

Reasons the IRM will create a Cancelled Reservation based on Credit Cards

Cancel Reason on Reservation Explanation
IRM - SessionEnd The IRM allows 20 minutes for the guest to enter a valid credit card.  If more than 20 minutes elapses the pending reservation is canceled and the reason for cancellation is "IRM-SessionEnd".
IRM - CCard1 Error If the IRM user enters a credit card and selects "ok to authorize", and then attempts to "back up" to a previous IRM screen the system cancels the reservation with "IRM- Card1 Error". 
IRM - Invalid CCard  If an Error 60 is returned from Protobase the IRM considers this an Invalid CCard.
IRM -- CCError Logout  If the IRM user's original credit card is rejected by Protobase, and from the "Credit card retry" page the user selects "logout", then the pending reservation is deleted with a reason for cancellatoin of "IRM - CError Logout".
IRM-Monitor Timeout A pending reservation should only require 20-40 seconds to authorize.  If a pending reservation exists for more than 15 minutes, and the IRM monitor is running, the IRM monitor will delete the reservation.  
IRM-Startup Timeout  A pending reservation should only require 20-40 seconds to authorize.  If a pending reservation exists for more than 15 minutes, and another guests starts an IRM session, the IRM will delete the pending reservation. 

IRM - CCard Error

A guest is allowed 3 retries to find a valid credit card.  After 3 tries the pending reservation is cancelled and the reason for cancellation is "IRM - CCard Error".

Summary - Pending Reservations 

A reservation that is pending Protobase authorization will always appear as a "P0" or "I0" reservation.  Normally reservations are only pending for 20-40 seconds while Protobase authorization takes place.  The reservation will normally become a P2 or I2 if the authorization is successful, or a P9 or I9 if the authorization is not successful.  If and pending reservations (P0 or I0) appear for more than 20 minutes, please call RDP support at 970-845-7108. 

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