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Test the Performance of the IRM Internet Connection

Added: 10/01/03
Article ID: KI00464


If the connection to the Internet at the property is slow or inconsistent, the IRM may work correctly at all.  As a result it is important to test the connection as follows:

  1. Use a computer that is not located at the property. Ideally the computer should be in another city.  RDP support will be glad to perform this test for you if you call us at 970-845-7108.

  2. Select Start-Run-CMD

  3. At the Command prompt, type the following:


  4. The "xxx" is the external IP address of the IRM Server.  Note:  Your firewall must be configured to allow "ping" to the IRM computer.

  5. Let this test run for 10 minutes. 

  6. Open the file "PINGTEST.TXT" with Notepad.  At the end of the file should be a total for the number of "lost packets". Ideally this should be less than 1%.  If the lost packets are greater than 5% there is a serious problem that must be fixed.  Call your ISP to fix the problem.

  7. Repeat this test at different times in the day. Write down the date, time, percent of lost packets.


The connection to your IRM will be different from each remote computer.  To determine the route packets take, use the following command:


Where "xxx" is the IP address of the IRM.  This test must be performed from a remote computer in a different city.  This information can be used to determine where the bottleneck is.  

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