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IRM on Windows 2003 needs IRM Update to Version 2.203 or Higher for Email to work correctly

Added: 10/01/03 - Article ID: KI0045

A variety of problems with Email with Windows 2003 server and the IRM have been fixed in IRM Version 2.203 or higher.  All customers running the IRM on a Windows 2003 server should get an update from the IRM Update Site.

Testing Email from the IRM Server

To test Email on the Windows 2003 server, proceed as follows:

  1. Install IRM update 2.203 or higher on the IRM Bridge server

  2. From the IRM server, start Internet Explorer

  3. Select "File - Open" 

  4. Use the "Browse" option to browse to the file c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\IRM\irmtools.htm.  Double click to open this file.  Click "ok" to start the file.

  5. Enter the IRM Internal IP Address and then click the "IRM Test Page" button.  This should load the IRMTEST.ASP page.  Select the "Get Path" button.  

  6. Various tests are displayed.  Test the Email capability of the IRM server by using the "Send an E-Mail" test.  Make sure to use an email address that is "outside the domain" to verify that SMTP relay is configured correctly.  For example, use a "hotmail" account, such as "".

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