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Cannot access owner page if IRM installed on Windows 2003 Server (HTTP Error 500)

Added: 9/16/03
Article ID: KI00043


After entering the owner name and password on the IRM, an generic HTTP Error 500 screen appears.  This only effects IRM Systems that are installed on a Windows 2003 server.  It is caused by a change in Microsoft's default policy regarding "relative links" on WebPages.  See Microsoft Knowledgebase article ID# 226474.


  1. From the IRM Windows 2003 server, start IIS Manager

  2. Expand Web Sites and right click on "Default Web Site" and select "Properties"

  3. Select the "Home Directory" tab

  4. Select the "Configuration" button

  5. Select the "options" tab

  6. Put a check in the box "enable parent paths" and select "OK"

  7. Close IIS

  8. Test the IRM - the owner screens should now be accessible.

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