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Basic Error 5 Line: 34068 Running the DOS 762 Report

Added 03/02/11
Article ID#: K000


The following error is received when running the 762 All Tx For Range-Detail Report in RDP DOS:

Basic Error 5 - Line 34068 Module 415-Asort.

This error is caused by having too many transactions for the DOS sort routine to handle.


Edit the report using Notepad to remove the sort information in the header.

  1. In RDP DOS, go to the 98 - System Manager Functions menu.
  2. Go to 090 - Update System Tables.
  3. Enter U - Update and enter table number H0.
  4. List the subrecords and locate the 762 record. Make note of the File name in field 2 (i.e. FOR762.FOR).
  5. Open notepad and browse to the RDPNT drive --> RDP folder --> FORMS folder (i.e. r:\rdp\forms). Open the file for the 762 report from step 4. Note: it may be required to change the Files of Type to All Files.
  6.  Remove the SORT+N++N7+NR; from the header so the line reads: ;TYR;HL8:TL10:FILE85; File --> Save.


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