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Printer Does Not Save in RDP-DOS

Added 06/19/08
Article ID#: K000


After filing a printer on a workstation, it does not appear in the F2 print screen list.


  1. Verify the user is in the RDP security group (i.e. has rights to save).
    1. To test, log in as Administrator and try to add a printer.
  2. Change the station number of the workstation
  3. .
    1. There could be corruption in the STATION.DAT file, especially when dealing with a long-time customer.
    2. There is a lot of information stored in STATION.DAT.  Instead of deleting the file, add a new number.
  4. Rename the PRNTFILE.DAT to PRNTFILE.OLD (use rename in case you need to re-implement the file) and re-add printers.  Note: All users must be logged off to perform this.
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