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 RDP DOS Printing on Windows 7 Workstation

Added: 11/17/11
Article ID#: K000209


Windows 7 operating systems can be configured to print from the RDP DOS program.
Note: The Windows 7 workstation can only print to one printer.

  1. Turn off UAC.

  2. Setup the printer as a windows share printer.

  3. Create a batch file to launch RDP DOS on that workstation using the following command:

    net use /del lpt1
    net use lpt1 \\PrintServerName\PrinterName (replace PrinterServerName with the printer server and replace PrinterName with the actual printer name) R: (change the R: to the RDP mapped drive)
    cd RDP
  4. In RDP DOS, go to the 98-System Manager Functions --> 096-Update Printer Options --> P-Add/Change/Delete RDP Local Printers.

  5. Add the printer as LPT1 printer.

  6. Print using LPT1.

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