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System Manager Menu Error:
Program Not Found

Added 06/27/08
Article ID#: K000201


When running an option from a menu in RDP DOS, “Program not found” error appears OR and Error that the program cannot be created when running UNZIP12 appears while doing a web1202 update.


  1. Go to RDP DOS prompt and type ATTRIB {program name}. eg.e.RDP090.exe; RDP000.exe; RDP910.exe; RDP720.exe
  2. Look at the attributes of the program. These attributes could be R for Read Only, H for Hidden, S for System, and A for Archive.

  3. From RDP DOS prompt, type the following command:  ATTRIB {program name} –R –S – A (there is one space after each letter).  <Enter>.  This will remove the Read Only, System and Hidden attributes that may be preventing the program from being run.
  4. Assigning individual attributes will not reset the file, it is best to assign all attributes in the same command.  (-) will remove the attribute; (+) will add the attribute.
  5. Run UNZIP12 again from RDP DOS prompt.
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