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910 Option 2 Results with Stat 5 File 91 

Added 1/16/07 - Article ID#: KB000195 


This problem arises AFTER the steps to correct a Stat 5 error message on file 90 have been completed.  Click HERE to read the document with the steps to resolve a Stat 5 on file 90.  If the results of fixing the Stat 5 on file 90 are a Stat 5 on File 91, follow the steps below:  


  1. Update the RDPDOS version to revision 505 or higher.  See RDP-DOS updates.
  2. Run the CHANGALL utility on File 90 for the G2 record, byte 29.
  3. Press Enter through the value field and enter Y to blank fill the field.
  4. After completing the above steps, the RDP910-2 utility to revuild the Bookkeys.dat file should function correctly.
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