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Long Term Flag Definitions

Article ID: K000193   Date:  9/13/2006

There are several flags RDP assigns to reservations to indicate whether or not a reservation is considered "Long Term" or "Nightly".  In general, RDP defines a long term reservation as a reservation greater than 30 nights in length.  Reservations greater than 30 nights are marked with one of the following flags:

  • If the long term flag is “N” this is the standard “Manual Long Term” reservation.

  • If the long term flag is “M” this is a Monthly reservation (C1Month).  Data is added to the "Month" subrecord in the C1 table to indicate the day of the month on which rent is posted.

  • If the long term flag is “L” rent is posted to this reservation every 30 days (C1LT).

If the long term flag is blank this indicates that the reservation is not a long term reservation.

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