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Article ID: K000192   Date:  4/17/2006

There are times when a field needs to be changed globally.  Review below for steps to complete a "Change All" in DOS:

  1. Go to the screen to be edited and make note of the field names to change (example:  Menu 7 - Credit Card Master ->Option 200 - Add Credit Card Master -> Field #18 - Merchant Number).
  2. Escape to main menu.
  3. Go to Menu 99 - System Utilities Menu.
  4. Select Option 993 - File Maintenance Utility.
  5. Select F3 to view the files and make your selection (i.e., 74 for Credit Card).
  6. Press <Enter> until the item to be modified is visible, then select it (example:  AMEX).
  7. Page Down to locate the field number to change (i.e., Field #43 is Merchant Number).
  8. At the "Change, File, Search, Key" prompt, enter C for change and <ENTER>.
  9. Enter the field number at the prompt (ex. 43).
  10. Enter the value to be replaced in all instances of this field (i.e., Merchant Number).
  11. Note the screen number (example the last page of the Credit Card screen is E4).
  12. Press <ENTER> until back to the "Change, File, Search, Key" prompt.
  13. Press F for File and <ENTER>.
  14. Press <ENTER> to accept the update.
  15. Press <ESC> until at the logon screen.
  16. At the Option prompt, enter CHANGALL and <ENTER>.
  17. Select 1 to Process.
  18. Enter the File Number (i.e., 74 for Credit Card) as shown in the screenshot below.
  19. Enter the Page Code aka screen number (ex. E4 for Merchant Number).
  20. The Page/Absolute Offset is the field to edit (ex. 43 for Merchant Number).
  21. Change the Value (i.e., the Merchant Number) as needed.
  22. Enter Y at Blank Fill (Y/N).
  23. At "WARNING: All records will be changed.  Do you want to proceed? (Y/N)?", enter Y.
  24. Status is noted ("Change complete.  8 changed.  Pres <Enter> to continue.").  Press <ENTER>.
  25. To view changes, go to the screen that you wanted to change (i.e., the Merchant Number on all Credit Cards Menu 7->200->AMEX, VISA, MC, etc and all fields should be updated with the same value).
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