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How to fix Guest History records with a blank guest type

Added 3/24/06 - Article ID#: KB000190 

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Guest History  K000190 3/24/06 How to fix Guest History records with a blank guest type

Problem Overview

Guests in the guest history file appear with a blank guest type.  This was caused by a program bug that has been fixed.  


  1. Update to RDPDOS version 451 or higher.  This version will no longer create guests with a blank guest type.  See "RDPDOS updates"

  2. To fix the guests already in the guest history database with blank guest types, go to menu 99, option 990, and run sub-option 1, "Guest History: Fix Blank Guest# or Guest Type".  Enter "Y" to continue.  This utility will replace all blank guest types with "0" - the default guest type.

  3. Note:  To prompt for guest history type when making a new reservation, use menu 98, option 109, and set switch 109-14, "Prompt for Guest Type when adding to Guest History" to Yes.  Guest types are added to the system with menu 98, option 090, table CA.

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