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Pervasive File Size Limit

Updated 03/25/05  - Article ID#: K000185

Pervasive has a physical file size limitation of 2 gigabytes and a logical file size limit of 64 gigabytes for files in ver. 7.x format.  In the case that a file would be larger than 2 gigabytes, Pervasive will automatically generate additional files with a similar naming convention to the original file name.

An example of this is as follows:

F:\RDP\RDP01\Hexpense.dat (original file)



In most cases, an RDP data file has be corrupted causing the file to appear unusually large.  Although the file size may appear to be 2 + gigabytes, it may have a relatively low number of records comprising the file.  In this case follow the steps below to correct the problem:

  1. Confirm the property has a current backup tape.  Because there has been data corruption, it may be necessary to restore from a backup tape.

  2. STOP posting transactions in the RDP system.  Any transactions posted from this point forward may be deleted.  Wait until this process is completed to post additional transactions.

  3. Run the newdemo.bat batch file to update the demonstration directory.

  4. Copy Hexpense.dat, Hexpense^01.dat, and Hexpense^02.dat to the demonstration directory.

  5. Run the 994 utility on file 85 (Hexpense.dat).  After running this utility, the file should shrink in size considerably.

  6. Spot check several reservations to confirm transactions appear correctly.  

  7. Delete the three files in the live directory ( Hexpense.dat, Hexpense^01.dat, and Hexpense^02.dat) and replace them the new Hexpense.dat file from the demonstration directory.

  8. After replacing the file in the live directory.  Run 994 on all critical files to insure all files are compressed and indexed into the most efficient Pervasive format.

For additional information from the Pervasive Knowledge Base regarding this issue please click on the link below:

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If the server is out of disk space, please read the following article: K000099.htm

The RDPDEL.BAT batch file will delete non-critical files that are no longer needed and make more available disk space:  F000079.htm

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