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Stat 4 Line 2006 File 168 key 0 Buf    XXAR  

Updated 03/18/05  - Article ID#: K000184

This error may occur on new installations or when customers have not updated their system for a year or more. After updating RDPDOS,  the user cannot log into RDP the system gives the following error:

Stat 4 Line 2006 File 168 Key ) Buf  XXAR  0<

Current Totals File Open

Last Years Totals File Open   Totals04.dat

Copy Room Type Totals for 12/31/04


  1. Select Systems Manager Menu, 98, 090 and  update the C1 Table in unfriendly mode (enter-esc) :

  2. Enter record 902 and choose the F10 key for actual byte locations.

  3. Change byte 79 to a Y.

  4. Restart RDP system.

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