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Folio A & B Pay Code Defaults

Added 7/30/03
Updated: 4/26/12
Article ID#: K000173

Folios A & B can default to a specified Pay Codes when making a Paying Guest reservations. By setting the default pay code for the folio, transactions can be automatically routed to these folios. For example, the property sends the room charges to the A folio, while incidental charges go to the I folio.

Below are the steps to enable this feature in:

Steps to Configure in RDPWin

  1. In RDPWin, go to the System menu --> Table Maintenance.

  2. Select the WP - Folio A & B Pay Code Prompt table --> click the Display button.

  3. Click the Add Subrecord button.

  4. In the Subrecord field, enter the reservation type will use the default pay codes:

    • P - Preassigned (Paying Guest) Reservations

    • I - Inventory Reservations

    • C - Comp Reservations

    • S - Special Reservations

    • R - Owner Referral Reservations

  5. Enter the pay code for the A folio in the Folio A Paycode Field.

  6. Enter the pay code for the B folio in the Folio B Paycode field.

  7. Save & Close.

Folio Pay Code

When a new reservation is made, the pay code assigned to the A or B folio should be display on the Change Reservation screen.

Change Res

Steps to Configure in RDP DOS

  1. In RDP DOS, go to Menu 98 --> Option 090 --> U to Update.

  2. Enter table WP-Folio A & B Pay Code Prompt --> type S for subrecord.

  3. Enter the reservation type in the Subrecord field that will use the pay code defaults:

    • P - Preassigned Reservations

    • R - Room Availability Reservations

    • I - Inventory Reservations

    • A - Inventory Availability

  4. In the field 1, enter the folio pay code for Folio A.

  5. In field 2, enter the folio pay code for Folio B.

In the above case, Subrecord "P" was added.  When any Pre-assigned reservation is made, Paycode RT will automatically be added in Folio A.

If  ALL Reservation Types must use this pay code, add the additional Subrecords I, A, and R to the WP table.

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