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BASIC ERROR 75** Line: 33022 Module: Menu-OutPut-PrScr Station: 000002

Added 2/10/03 - Article ID#: K000146


 When printing from RDP to a Windows Shared Printer, the following error may appear:

BASIC ERROR 75** Line: 33022 Module: Menu-OutPut-PrScr Station: 000002

This occurs because RDP redirects the output from the NET USE command to a file in the root directory of "C" on the local machine.  The file name is based on the station number assigned.  In the example above the station number is "000002", so the file is:



The basic error 75 indicates that this file could not be created or erased.  There can be a variety of reasons for this error.  To troubleshoot:

  1. Close all programs and reboot the workstation.  Restart RDP and retry the printer.  This often solves the problem.

  2. If a reboot does not solve the problem, start a command prompt and go to C:\.  Do a DIR *.TMP and see if any "TMP" files exist.  If they do, delete them.  If you cannot delete them they may be "read only" files, or there can be a Windows Security level problem.

  3. Verify if you can create and delete files on the C:\ directory.  Start a command prompt and type EDIT.  Create a file "WPxxxxxx.TMP, where the "x" indicate your station number (ie, if the station number is 2, the file is WP000002.TMP".  Save the file.  Then make sure you can delete it.  If you can't save the file or delete it, the Windows rights must be fixed.

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