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Credit Limits - Setting the credit limit on a reservation

Added 12/26/02 - Article ID#: K000132


The credit limit for a reservation is established at check-in.  The credit limit amount is stored on the second page of the reservation in field 63.  

The default credit limit for a CASH only reservation is $1000.  The default credit limit for a reservation with a credit card on file is also $1000. To change these defaults, follow the steps below:

1.       From the System Manager Menu, choose option "090" - "Update System Tables".

2.       Choose option "U" - "Update System Tables".

3.       Enter table number "C1".

4.       Enter "S" to add/change a sub-record. The sub-record is CRLIM1.  This is the default credit limit for guests with a credit card on their reservation.  A dollar amount can either be entered in field #1, or the word "PROMPT".  With "PROMPT", the following appears at check-in.

5.       Add another sub-record, CRLIM2.  Sub-record CRLIM2 is the default credit limit for cash paying customers (designated by a blank credit card field).  Most properties set this sub-record to $0.00.

Changing the credit limit

Once the credit limit has been set on a reservation, it may be updated by changing field 63 on the reservation.  Typically the Guests Over Credit Limit Report (#756) from the night audit reports menu is run as part of the night audit.  Those guests that have exceeded their credit limit are noted and their credit cards are incrementally authorized for the difference.  Credit card authorizations taken using the credit card module will automatically update the credit limit field.

Note:  Payments do not change the credit limit.  

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