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CA Table - Guest Types

Added 12/26/02 - Article ID#: K000126


The Guest History chapter in the User’s Manual details the use of guest history within the RDP system.  Part of that chapter refers to using guest types in order to segment guest history mailings.  The guest type key can be used for sorting reports, accelerating the process dramatically. 

For example, assume a 250 room hotel has 10,000 guests in their guest history database.  If the property only wanted to send a mailing to “Weekly Business Guests” designated by a specific market code, the system would search through all 10,000 records in order to locate those with a market code equal to “Weekly Business Guest”.  The second option available to the property would be to prompt for a guest type during the reservation process and create a guest type equal to “Weekly Business Guest”.  With this feature turned on, the system only looks at those records with the type equal to “Weekly Business Guest”.  The second option works dramatically faster because the system is able to read the guest history key of guest type, eliminating the need to search through the entire 10,000 record guest history database.

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