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C8 Table - Guest Request Labels

Added 12/26/02 - Article ID#: K000125


5/19/2006 - When the IRM is configured to reserve by unit number it is critical to limit the number of guest search criteria so the guest does not see, "no available rooms match all guest search criteria".   See: KI0058

RDP provides nine guest request labels that describe rooms to the reservationist.  These descriptors allow the reservationist to quickly match the guest’s needs with the correct room.  Guest request labels can include abbreviations which describe the room’s view, location, amenities (VCR, microwave), and smoking/non-smoking designation.  In order to update the C8 table, use option 090 from the System Manager menu and choose option “U” to “Update Table Records”.  After entering “C8” at the “Table Number” prompt update sub-record “01”.  The system lists the nine guest request labels :


The guest request labels display whenever a room is being assigned to a reservationist.  For example, when a room is being assigned to an inventory reservation with RDP120, a list of rooms displays along with the guest request labels.



Assigning Guest Requests to Reservations

Up to nine guest request fields can be assigned to each reservation. These requests are used to specify guest preferences when assigning rooms. Examples of preferences are smoking/non-smoking, view, and bedding. When the available room list is displayed, each room's attributes are also displayed. The reservationist or front desk clerk uses this list of preferences in order to assign a room with the amenities the guest desires.

Ä  For a complete description of assigning guest requests to reservations, please see the Switches chapter in this section (switch #422-7).

Adding Guest Requests to Rooms

Guest requests describe specific rooms.  To add or change guest requests assigned to rooms, use option "202" - "Change Room Information" on the Room Master menu (11).  Guest requests are stored in field #18.


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