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C3 Table - Seasonal Calendar

Added 1/1/2001 - Article ID#: K000123

The RDP system calculates rates based on the setting of switch 109-1, the Rate Switch.  This switch determines the method for calculating daily or lump sum rates, either through rate plans, yield management, enhanced rates and packages, time periods, or the C2 table.  Regardless of the method used to calculate rates, RDP supports at least nine unique seasonal rates , distinguished by a letter in the C3 - Seasonal Calendar table.  The C3 table contains a sub-record for each month and year.  For example, June of 1998 is designated by sub-record 9806.  Within sub-record 9806 each day is represented by a letter, similar to the following:


In order to calculate rates, the system looks at a reservation’s arrival and departure dates, cross-references them with the C3 table in order to determine the season, and then looks at the rate calculation table in order to locate the correct room rate (or package price). 

For example, with Enhanced Rates and Packages (RN) installed, and reservation dates of 06/12/98 - 06/15/98, the system looks at the C3 sub-record listed above (9806) to determine that the 12th through the 15th fall into season C.  Then, the system looks at the prices stored for various rate plans and packages defined through option “186” - “Maintain Variable Packages” on the System Manager menu, where it would find data similar to the following 10% discount rate by season:


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