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C2 Table - Room Type Validation 

Added 12/26/02 - Article ID#: K000122

Owner Types

All room types, owner types, group types, and travel agent types are stored in the C2 - Room Validation Table.  Active individual owner (timeshare and condominium) types equal the room type owned.  For example, if an owner owns room 102, a two-bedroom unit (2B), the owner type is 2B.  Additional owner types are necessary for secondary owners (Z), trust owners (ZTRUST), and past owners (OLD).  See the Owner Accounting chapter in the Optional Modules section for a complete explanation of adding owners and owners types. 

Group Types

Group types are also stored in the C2 table (W and WB).  Groups without allocations are a type “W”.  Groups with an allocation are designated as a type “WB”.  The "W" is a "legacy term" from earlier versions of RDP where a group was considered a wholesaler (W), and a group with an allocation was considered a wholesaler with a block of rooms (WB).

Travel Agent Types

The majority of RDP properties have only one type of travel agent , X.  However, certain properties pay reservationists a commission based on the number of reservations booked.  For these properties, RDP defines each employee as a “special” travel agent, designated by the type X1.  In order to access the travel agent type field (on the travel agent master), switch #419-8, Prompt for type when adding/changing travel agents, must be set to YES.  After setting switch 419-8 to YES, add a special travel agent type to the C2 table (X1), similar to the following:

Once the new travel agent type is created, and switch #419-8 is set to YES, the employee may be added as a travel agent with an agent type of X1 - Reservationist.


Pressing <F3 - LOOK> at the “Agent type” field (#1) displays only those C2 records designated with a “T” in the “Look Qualifier” field (#6 in the C2 table):


Room Types

In addition to storing owner, group, and travel agent types, the C2 table also stores all room types, such as 1B, 2B, DD, K, and QQ.  The room type code is a maximum of six characters with the description a maximum of 24 characters.  All room type look qualifier s (field #6) are set to “O” (letter) in order to display as a valid room type when adding rooms through menu “11”  - “Room Master Menu”.  In addition, field #7 - Property Code, can be used to further segment the property for reporting purposes.  See the System Switches chapter for more information about property codes.   

Fields 2, 3, and 4 can be used to set an alternate room type sequence in the yield management screen.  The default sequence is numeric followed by alphabetic.  However, certain properties want to display more popular room types first and use the alternate "room type sequences" used in fields 2, 3, and 4.  For more information about defining room type sequences, see the C1 Table chapter.

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