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RDP DOS - How to Change Rates (Freeze Rates with Option RDP990)

Added 12/16/02 - Article ID#: K000118

Assume you want to increase your rates, but still honor the old rates.  For example, you want to increase the rack rate for any reservations made after 3/1/2003.  Any reservations made prior to 3/1/2003 should still have the lower rate.  To accomplish this goal:

  1. On 3/1/2003, from Menu 98 (system manager), use option 186 and change the room rate set for the RACK room set.  Make sure to change all records in the room rate set for the new rates.  If you are unfamiliar with setting up room rate sets please call RDP support at 970-845-7108.  All reservations made from this date forward will use the new rates for rate plan "RACK".
  2. From Menu 99 (System Utilities), run option 990, and select sub-option "5" - "Freeze room rates on reservations by rate plan".    
  3. Enter "Y" on the information screen that appears and then enter the Rate Plan you wish to freeze.  You can enter "A" to freeze ALL reservations on ALL rate plans.   All reservations are "frozen" at the old rate.

Warning:  There is no way to "undo" the action of freezing rate plans.  Make sure to select the correct rate plan.


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