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Basic Error 68 ** Line: 230 Module: 000 Station: 0000xx

Added 10/25/02 - Article ID#: K000113


3/16/2006 - This problem is usually caused by an invalid path in the search path.  See "K000145" for a solution.


The following error will be encountered when trying to open an RDP dos session when pathing is incorrect:


Use the following steps to correct this problem:

  1. Open a DOS prompt.

  2. Go to the RDP directory (Ex. F:\RDP)

  3. At F:\RDP>type RDP094 PDR and then <enter>.  A RDP screen will display that looks similar to the following screen:

  4. Fields 2 - 6 need to be changed so that they look like the following screen:

  5. To make this change permanently for all future workstation installations, before making the above changes, go to field #1 and type " -1."  This will change the path settings in the -1 default record.  Any additional workstations added to the network after changing the -1 default record will have the correct path. 

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