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Rebuilding Statistics and Manual 
Adjustments to Statistics

Added 10/09/02 - Article ID#: K000110

Problem Overview

Statistics Reports have zero or incorrect Totals



This problem usually results from a hardware failure that corrupted data.  It may not be possible to regenerate the data in all circumstancs. 

Statistical records are generated when the day is closed in RDP.  Two types of records are created for each reservation that is currently in-house when the day is closed.  

  1. A record is added to Statfile.dat.  This file contains the reservation's statistical detail.  Reports such as the 375-Rev by Market Code Detail and the 377-Rev by State Detail read the Statfile.dat.
  2. A record is also added to either TotalsXX.dat or OtotalXX.dat.  Reports such as the 374-Rev by Market Code Totals and the 376-Rev by State Totals read the Totals files.

If you have the Statistical detail, then Statistical totals can be recreated.  
If you are missing the Statistical detail, this information cannot be regenerated.  It is possible, however, to make adjusting entries to the Statistical totals.

Procedure if detail exists.

  1. Menu 99, option 902 Rebuild Stats.
  2. Enter Month in the format of YYMM.  For example, September 2002 would be entered as "0209". 
  3. Re-run report.

    Note:  Option 902-Rebuild has very limited capabilities. It does not add
    statistical records to file 63(STATFILE.DAT). It only reads existing
    records in file 63 and adds the totals from these records into the
    TotalsYY and OtotalsYY files. New statistical records are only added
    to file 63 when the day is closed. As a result it is critical to
    make sure that no errors are generated each night when the date is
    changed to the new day with RDP900. Use option 908 to view the
    system log file to check to see if RDP902 is starting and ending
    correctly each day during the day closing procedure.

Procedure if detail is missing.

Manually determine the room revenue totals.

  1. Go to menu 3 (Night Audit), reports, and choose 370.  If there are transactions to explode, you can choose option 1 (continue and new transactions will not appear.)
  2. Enter date that the detail is missing.
  3. Choose option 3 (General Ledger Account), then A, <enter> twice, P to print report.
  4. Note the room revenue gl account and the figure in the today column.

Make adjusting entry to statistical totals.

  1. Go to menu 98 (System Manager), 184, option 8.
  2. <Enter> for year, enter MC in the statistical category.
  3. <F3> and choose your most common market code.
  4. Enter the month, i.e. 10 for October.
  5. Enter the day you wish to adjust.
  6. Enter the room revenue total from step 4 above.
  7. Enter a description
  8. In the following statistical categories, <F3> and choose your most common value.
  9. File

This procedure above will create 1 adjustment to each of the selected statistical categories.  For example, if your room revenue from the 370 was $5000 then you will have just made a $5000 entry to 1 market code, 1 source of business, 1 room type, and 1 state.  We realize not all $5000 came from just 1 market code, but the combinations are endless.  

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